Drifting Arrows Swimwear:

Drifting Arrows was conceived by owner and designer, Leah Lawrence. Born in Africa and raised on Maui, her creations reflect the consumma­tion of her early exposure to striking and vibrant cultures, coming of age on sun-drenched beaches, and her immersion working as a buyer and stylist in the fashion industry.

The concept and inspiration behind the brand is traveling without a set destination, and with an unconventional attitude. The name Drifting Arrows is a metaphor for this concept. If given ultimate freedom our heroine would find herself seeking exotic and unorthodox destina­tions, allowing the narrative to unravel in an organic and spontaneous manner.

At the core of the brand is the essential goal of delivering the highest quality product made with integrity, passion and awareness. Each design is intended to bring an inspired and sophisticated edge often missing in the swimwear arena, allowing the fashion conscious woman an effortless transition from beach to elegant outing.

Fabrics are sourced from Italy then cut and sewn domestically in a small, indepen­dently owned factory. Each style is offered in four solid, matte color-ways that reflect a modern yet timeless approach to swimwear.